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About AACF

Thousands of members of our Washington State National Guard have deployed, chiefly to Iraq. Deployment places additional demands on our military personnel and their family members. As members of the legal community, we can offer our specialized skills to assist our citizen soldiers, their family members, as well as our fellow attorneys in uniformed service.

The Guard members and their immediate families need legal services before, during, and after deployment. Unlike active military personnel, Guard family members may not have convenient access to a military base or a military legal assistance office. Military legal staff and resources are stretched to focus on deployment readiness. Civilian attorneys can offer assistance in areas of law such as landlord-tenant, consumer law, family law, immigration, and other related issues.

You are invited to join a developing network of civilian volunteers throughout Washington State willing to provide limited legal services to service members and their immediate families. Staffing is needed for a network of pro bono clinics in a variety of locations. To ensure an adequate network, the development of a volunteer attorney roster is underway. In addition, please consider joining growing referral lists of volunteer attorneys willing to take pro bono cases.

To volunteer for a clinic, to join the referral list, or to learn more, please contact immediately, or telephone Captain Alex Straub, Washington National Guard Legal Assistance Attorney, at 253-512-8262 today.

This project can offer you training and CLE credit (either live or as a set of DVDs of up to 5 AV/CLE credits (0.5 ethics).  More importantly, the project is an opportunity to support our fellow citizens and military family members who are directly affected by the war. Time is of the essence; we should all do our part. Contact today!

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10 Responses to “About AACF”

  1. rewinn Says:

    NOTE: You may also request information on this program through the “Leave a Reply” feature. Be sure to include contact information; we’ll get back to you soon!

  2. George Smith Says:

    Our Soldiers are coming back from Iraq and are finding themselves out of work and with no place to live that they can afford. I am sure that you are outraged that this could happen. The United States Veterans Initiative or U.S. Vets, has been housing these Veterans and addressing their individual barriers to success since 1993. We are the leader in providing services to our Veterans and house 2,100 Vets each night in 10 locations around the nation. We connect them with the V.A. services for medical and mental health, provide individual counseling, workforce development, sobriety support, Legal services, Educational services and testing, Transportation, suits and clothes, we get them jobs quickly and then work on getting them a career. And all the while taking care of all their personal needs and feeding them 3 times a day with meals designed by our on staff nutritionist. After spending 90 days to one year in our Veterans in progress program, Fathers Program, or High Barriers Program they will be stable and have addressed all their barriers. We then move them into a sober living (Transitional Housing component) where they get low cost housing for the next 18 thru 24 months.
    This is to allow them time to save money for an apartment and continue to work intensively on themselves through all the services that we provide for them on site. In addition we have a large number of Veterans that use our facilities who live in their own housing and need the services that we provide to help them jobs, benefits, education and get their lives on track. In Inglewood alone we serve 3,000 Veterans in total annually.

    In the past we have had mostly WW II, Korean War, and Viet nam Veterans to deal with.
    Not anymore. We now have Desert Storm, Operation Enduring freedom, and Operation Iraqi freedom Veterans coming home and needing our services. The problem we face is that we have so many Veterans to assist that we are now full across the Nation and need to establish more sites to fill the need. This is where you come in. We ask that you help us help those who kept you and your families safe at night and allowed you the freedom to have a good life. Whatever you can donate is tax deductible as we are a 501c3 non-profit.

    You can see for yourself the work that we do by going to:

    If you know a Veteran that need’s help let them know about us. We will do whatever it takes to assist them. .90 cents of each dollar donated goes directly to providing services to all Veterans who need them.

  3. What connection,if any, do you have with the Washington State Bar Association Military Law Section?
    Most of the section are prior JAG.

  4. rewinn Says:

    Excellent question and/or suggestion Attorney Miles!

    AACF is a joint project of the Washington State Bar Association’s Legal Assistance to Military Personnel (LAMP) section ( which is WSBA’s Military Law Section ) and the Washington State National Guard’s Office of the Staff Judge Advocate.

    LAMP’s members are a very important resource and are very involved; besides the leadership of its Chair, Adam Torem, several section members (e.g. Ken Luce, Bob Davis) were instructors at the July 9 “No Family Left Behind” training. In my unofficial opinion, we especially need them to share their knowledge with the general community of Washington lawyers and servicemembers, since the volume of the need exceeds existing resources.


  5. Kim Says:

    I am not an attorney but currently work as a paralegal in Kitsap County. I would love to volunteer for something like this, in fact I have been looking for a project I can help with and gain legal experience as well.

    It hits close to home for me; I have a baby brother who was deployed to Iraq for over a year only a few months after he finished boot camp, has been home for about a year and is now in the process of volunteering for another tour over there.

    I know how difficult this can be for the families and while I obviously cannot offer legal advice, perhaps I can help in some way, i.e. assisting with forms, notarizing documents, witnessing wills, etc. Please let me know how us assistants can offer up our services to those who make such great sacrifices for us.

    Thank you for providing such a great network of local attorneys to help these brave servicemembers and their families.


  6. Ssg David McClure Says:

    I am a Waghington National Guard soldier who has volunteered to performed his duty to the State, and The United States without being asked. I have an LDI from active duty that was reaggrivated during annual training preparing for deployment to Iraq. I can not get any help for my family or myself. I’m a soldie standing alone. My family and I are emotionally, mentally, and financially drained. Can someone help.

  7. I completed training in Tacoma in June. What do I need to do to get listed here?

    All of these listed attorneys have completed training?


    Paul C Burton Bar # 41353

  8. Eric R. Vargas Says:

    Any trainings scheduled for the Central Washington region? It looks like I’ve missed the 2009 trainings in the summer.

  9. Echo kambuku Says:

    I need legal help with my child custody order

    1. rewinn Says:

      Where do you live: city, county, state?

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