To join in our effort is very simple;

  • Just fill out the form at , or
  • Fill out the printable form (soon to be available) and send to the address on it by mail or fax, or
  • Contact including your name, Bar number, and any details you think will be helpful (We will use the contact information and areas of practice in the WSBA directory; let us know if you prefer something else), or
  • Simplest of all: put your name and bar number in the “Reply” box at the end of this form. It’s even simpler than email!

Our goal is for our adminstrator is to acknowledge your information and add you to the volunteer list within 2 business days.

By joining our list of volunteers, you can do your part to help those serving in our name, and their families.


6 Responses to “Join Now”

  1. Sarah Evans Says:

    I am available to help anytime. WA Bar Number 37409; California Bar Number 228848.

    1. Dan Sutherland Says:

      My son was to get out of the army last year after serving six years and two tours in Iraq as a combat infantryman. 3 days before he was to get out he was stoplossed and told he would be sent back to Iraq for a third tour. this was at a time when he was unfit for duty, & struggling to keep his marriage together which was failing due to PTSD. (he has no children). after being sent back to Iraq, the army began medicating him. His wife left him for another and became pregnant by that man and has been living with him. after completing his third tour he returned home. after being home about three weeks, he and his (ex-wife) agreed to divorce terms, filled out the forms at Washington Divorce, They were to meet 2 days later to sign and finalize. He died the day he was to sign. Is there anything we can do for his legacy? states that they do not need to make a personal appearance and can be finalized online.

      Dan Sutherland

  2. Looking forward to helping out!
    WA Bar Number: 40858

  3. WA Bar # 18387

    Happy to help with contracts, construction, small business development, some family matters, home foreclosure

    Kitsap County

  4. Steven A. Fry Says:

    WSBA #18905. In practice approximately 20 years – sole practice. Focus is on Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives. I would like to help.

    Steve Fry

  5. Jim Simon Says:

    WA Bar No. 9409

    I would be happy to help in the labor/employment area with USERRA issues, etc.

    Kitsap County

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