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  1. Devon Lawson Says:

    My husband was a war hero. He won MANY awards during and after serving in Iraq. He came back with SEVERE PTSD. His command was told by psychologist after psychologist to GET HIM RETIRED out of the military. They dragged their feet. My husband developed a dug addiction that spawned from the numerous psychological drugs that were being administered to him. He couldn’t talk about many of the missions that he was involved in and medication was their only option for treatment. After his addiction was brought to light he was to be stripped of his retirement benefits. His evolvement in the army continued to trigger his PTSD. He needed out and felt that his only option was to go AWOL. He is now dealing with the army again (including his AWOL status) and needs representation to get the benefits that he is ENTITLED to. I think that it is important to relate that in the time he spent AWOL, he made more progress with his PTSD than he did while actively in the military, although he was receiving mental health counseling and medication. Please give me some advice as to what to do next.

    Devon Lawson

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